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Welcome to the Re-Tech podcast. Our aim is to bring unfiltered, open and honest conversation. 

Episode 5

Taking a user centered view to developing new tech

A big thank you to Harry King, from EV Energy for this one.

Harry’s day job is part of the Growth Team, supporting the development of product features and fostering industry partnerships.

But this was no sales chat. Instead, Harry shares some thoughtful insight and views on tech, renewables, how brands are grappling with market messaging, big oil (!) and even the responsibility we perhaps should all acknowledge as consumers.

I enjoyed this one. Harry is clearly a deep thinker and someone who is going to go far. Hopefully, you’ll find this as interesting as I did

Matt Stone Podcast cover

Episode 4


The first guest of 2023 is Felicty Jones from Kaluza. The conversation turned to one of the newest industry/consumer innovations currently coming through trial stage – EV’s and the concept of V2G (vehicle to grid).

At Kaluza, Felicity is Flex Solutions lead and spends her day job looking at customised solutions for energy suppliers as well as being heavily involved in the V2G project.

Felicity is one super-busy person so we’re very grateful she could find the time to chat on the podcast. We caught her just at the point of the year that Kaluza had completed the world’s largest V2G trial to date.

The whole ethos is V2G is to look beyond the EV as just a vehicle and instead as a substantial battery that sits plugged into a home for large percentages of the week. The opportunity here is to have the battery supporting the grid.

This was a really interesting chat that threw up some thought provoking points throughout.

Episode 3

Beware, the dangerous beasts of product

This time around, our guest is Matt Stone, founder of PlusProduct Consulting. Matt is someone we’ve known for a long time and he jumped at the chance to come on the Re-Tech podcast.

Matt is a product person through and through. Which gave me the chance to ask the question I’ve always wanted to know the answer to; what does a product person actually do..?

Matt has an impressive background across both corporate with GE and GoCompare and more recently running his own consultancy. We chat everything from hype cycles, crises and dangerous beasts.

Matt was an excellent guest and gave some awesome insight from his product orientated seat. An informed view from a different perspective.

To learn more about Matt, google ProductPlus Consulting or give him a shout on LinkedIn.

Matt Stone Podcast cover

Episode 2


This week, our guest is Chris Gray, the founder of tech company i4SEE. Chris is someone who we had in mind as a guest right from the early days of putting together this podcast.

An experienced entrepreneur, who is on his own mission to create a difference in the world of data analytics, Chris gives us an honest account of both what it is like in the founder’s hotseat and what he sees as the major innovations and challenges within the renewables space.

This was a really enjoyable chat. Chris really opened up about his experiences and what motivates him every day. Well worth a listen!

Episode 1

What challenges lie ahead for offshore wind

This episode is in conversation with Beccie Drake from Arup. Beccie is a chartered engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), with a background in offshore energy and maritime structures.

At Arup, Beccie offshore wind digital lead, involved in the development and delivery of data-driven approaches and digital services.

Beccie is passionate supporter of offshore wind and has been actively involved in projects to predict future offshore wind scenarios.

We talk everything from personal early influences to the challenges that lie ahead for the renewables industry.

Beccie’s Linkedin profile says ‘get in touch to discuss offshore wind + digital’ – a perfect fit to have as a guest on this podcast.

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