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supporting the adoption of technology in renewables.


The challenge is considerable

We are all aware of the scale of the challenge ahead of us in the next decade.

But key questions remain unanswered. For renewable energy, owners developers, operators and their supply chain:

How can we collectively deliver on the lofty global targets?

Are there enough skilled people to deliver the projects?

What role can R&D play in creating both efficiencies in the value chain and producing products to lower the overall carbon foot print?

Is there global fabrication capacity to meet demand? If so, where is it located?

How can we transport and install the volume of renewables expected to come online each year?

How can technology harness the power of the vast data sets being collected and help us contruct and operate renewables more efficiently?



Automation, optimsation and scale are all highly important if we want to get the job done.

Technology alone is not enough. Without adoption and further innovation we will not succeed.

The purpose of Re-Tech events is to provide a platform for the discussions and sharing of knowledge about the role of technology and innovation in renewables.  Our events are designed to help participants connect with their peers, gain new perspectives through collaboration and give others access to information.

Let’s say goodbye to information silos and hello to working together and untangle the challenges which lie ahead.

About the founder

Stuart Pringle

Stu is a BD and marketing consultant who has been involved in events since way back in the mists of time. His early career was in helping organise trade fairs and events across tech sector. More recently his day job is his consultancy, Make the Break, which is focused on helping companies in the renewables sector tell their story more effectively. Launching Re-Tech Events felt like a natural next step.

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