Podcast Episode Dropped: In conversation with Beccie Drake from Arup

Re-Tech Pocdast, episode one

The first Re-Tech podcast episode is now out. The aim of the podcast is to speak with good people in renewables and technology who are doing interesting and inspiring things.

Big thanks to Beccie Drake at Arup both for saying yes to being interviewed and for being such an awesome guest.

When we asked Beccie to take part Re-Tech was in its very early evolution. The website didn’t even exist at that point. So thank you to Beccie for taking a leap of faith and agreeing to give up some time.

But more than that, Beccie has set the bar high. Guest number one has been both interesting and inspiring.

Beccie is a chartered engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), with a background in offshore energy and maritime structures. At Arup, she is offshore wind digital lead, involved in the development and delivery of data-driven approaches and digital services. Beccie is passionate supporter of offshore wind and has been actively involved in projects to predict future offshore wind scenarios.

We talk everything from personal early influences to the challenges that lie ahead for the renewables industry.

Her Linkedin profile says ‘get in touch to discuss offshore wind + digital’ – a perfect fit to have as a guest on this podcast.

Thank you Beccie.

More Episodes coming soon.

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